Harry S. Truman Named a PNGAS Guard Friendly High School

Bristol Township School District  |  Posted on

The PNGAS Guard Friendly High School logo

The Pennsylvania National Guard Associations (PNGAS) announced Harry S. Truman High School, as well as with 30 other high schools, has earned the designation of PNGAS Guard Friendly High School. PNGAS is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is supporting the men, women and veterans of the National Guard, their spouses and families. The PNGAS Education Advisory Council developed the designation and standards to amplify high school best practices for recruiting, information sharing and group-formation in high schools for their support of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

“At Harry S. Truman High School, we firmly believe in developing students who are college- and career-ready. With this in mind, we feel it is important to develop and maintain multiple pathways to success for our students, which includes relationships with different military branches, technical schools and the local workforce,” said Director of Counseling Rachel Zawisza, MS, LPC, NCC. “Our goal is to provide a variety of well-rounded opportunities that will help our students continue to be learners even after graduation. Being deemed a PNGAS Guard Friendly High School is an honor and an achievement we will continue to build upon in the future.”